About WashU GCF

About us

We are a community of graduate students, post docs, and faculty exploring community and questions of work-faith integration.

WashU GCF is a chapter of InterVarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries.



In the age of social distancing and staying at home, here are some of the ongoing events that we’re currently running remotely! Please contact us for the zoom links!

Thursday bible study/Large Group
(7pm – In Person)

Join us for an evening of worship and conversation as we discuss how our faith intersects with our lives as graduate students.

Social Events

We’ve actually been doing in-person social events throughout the semester as the weather. From cooking together to painting pumpkins, we’ve found ways to meet as the weather (and pandemic) permits.

Upcoming Small Group(s)

As more people join, we’d love to help you form more small groups to dive into studying the Bible and other books!


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